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Evangelize Now Europe
A cross-church cooperation

A website where evangelists can find good advices, guidance and tools to evangelizing,
They can also advertise about where and when they are evangelizing. In this
way it's posible to find other evangelists to help and support each others.
The purpose is to spread the full gospel without compromises about the Bible.

     Evangelize Now is a working group under FGB-Denmark.......
Full Gospel Business
and in contact with Full Gospel Global Forum FG-GF

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All scriptures on these sits are from the Bible "New International Version" (NIV)

Check out this new website, wich can be used to refer to - to people
you meet - It's a site with the basic informations about Christianity
It's in both English and Danish www.gadekirker.dk/English.shtml 
or just www.gadekirker.dk where there is a link to the English version
Gadekirker means street churchs

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Updated 29.09. 2020 (March fo Jesus)


If you are able to read Danish, you
can find many Danish evangelists

You can contact them, if you want to
go to Denmark and help them with evangelism.

"Copenhagen for Jesus" and
"Full Gospel Business"

Updated 29.09. 2020
    To reed
it in Danish
           CLICK HERE

Was canceled

but we hope that we can do it again in the year 2021 in the springtime

The tent evangelism the same day
 was canceled as well

We start at
Nørreport Station and are marching through pedestrian streets
(Købmagergade and Strøget)
We will past our tent at
Gammel Torv and go to Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) 
and turn around and go back to our tent, where we will have coffee 
and bread. Then we will evangelize until we don't can't anymore
However, this is not forced - just join in as much and time as you can

Dear All.
We have decided NOT to take the flag of Israel for these reasons that it may well create some political 
conflict and thereby turn the focus on the march into a wrong way. We want it to be a festive 
event and if we include Israel's flag as big flags it can create conflicts and we want to avoid that. 
Hope everyone is in on this and can reconcile with it

Please part not out Flyers or tracts under the march,
because we have to clean up by our self, if the
flyers are flying around in the streets, and
we can be charge for the cleaning up

But to the following evangelism we have tracts
in 18 different languages for free use.

For more information contact Boerge Laustsen at
e-mail boerge@evangelizenow.eu or phone +45 30 32 12 01


Updated 01.02. 2016
Ruth Kristensen

Streetevangelist, musicisian and singer 
She lives in the northern Jutland (Aalborg) in Denmark
She also have a program where she helps homlesses.
In this program she need financical help as well, but you
are wellcome to just help her fycical either with the
street evanglism or the work with homelesses or both.

to her website.
to her Facebooksite.
CLICK HERE to her YouTube channel
Email: heavenlylove7@gmail.com 
She sings both her own songs and praises / paeans / hymns of thanksgiving
She have some CD's in both Danish and English



Street Church Copenhagen
Gadekirke København (in Danish)
In the eastern Denmark - The capital city area.

Come to the capital city of Denmark.
We evangelize on the street at different places 
all around  the Copenhagen area through the week.
We are from many different churches - A cross-church co-operation

Tuesdays at Lyngby Hovedgade 16, 16.00-17.30 o'clock
Thursdays at Brønshøj Torv, 16.00-17.30 o'clock
Thursdays at Taastrup Hovedgade, 16.00-17.30 o'clock
Saturdays at Amagerbro Torv, 11.00-13.00 o'clock
(Torv=square - Hovedgade=Mainstreet)

Every evangelists are welcome, just bring with you:
courage, compassion and faith in the name Jesus.

For more information
Bo Henriksen phone +45 22 54 80 26 or
Mona Henriksen Pho. +45 50 26 02 58 or
email: bogomona@ofir.dk 
Website only in Danish

You can as well contact
Webmaster Boerge Laustsen
Email boerge@evangelizenow.eu
He will be able to make 
contact to many more for you.





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