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A website where evangelists can find good advices, guidance and tools to evangelizing,
They can also advertise about where and when they are evangelizing. In this
way it's posible to find other evangelists to help and support each others.
The purpose is to spread the full gospel without compromises about the Bible.

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All scriptures on these sits are from the Bible "New International Version" (NIV)
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Good advices and education
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This site contains the following:
1: The Command of Mission
2: A poetic vision / picture from God
More will come

So please follow the updating from time to time, to see what's comming up.

The Command of Mission and
some of the promises from Jesus to ALL Christians

Mark 16,15-18

15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.
Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will

And these signs
 will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out
    demons; they will speak in new tongues;
they will pick up snakes
 with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not
    hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will  get well.”

John 14,12-14

12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and
    will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

If you are taking the hole Bible serious just like we do, you haven't any excuses not to go out and evangelize anywhere and pray for people to salvation, healing and what ever they have of needs.

Updated 08.04. 2016
And whom are we called to evangelize to?
First of all - everybody, but some have special gifts
to evangelize to a specific population group.
It can be described with some few excamples 
as Lauren Leahy experied at a bibleschool.
Her facebooksite CLIKC HERE (She writes both in Danish and English)

When I was at a Bibleschool, where we was sleeping and spent our breaks in a church, the pastor for this curch came a morning while we was praying for the day. He didn't know anybody of us and didn't know who of us there was called as evangelist. He placed a chair in the middle of the room, asked us to sit down one by one and said, that he have a word from God to some of us.

1: One of the evangelists, right away she was placed at the chair, the pastor spoked the word from God: "You are called to testifi specific to "the wifes of general managers/maneging directors/ /business presidents ect."
What he didn't know was that she had told us in our breaks, that she nearly every day in the train, wich was going through the very "fine and expencive area" north of Copenhagen (the capital city of Denmark), talked and testifi to these "fine ladies". These ladies told her, where there husbands was in charge.
She had even told us, that she maybe think to much at here attitude and looking. She was a little bit sad about, that she spent to much time and money to make here self good looking every morning. She was often wondering about: is this a wrong thing to do.
But suddenly she understand why she have this craving to make here self good lookning. It was because these fine ladies looked at here as she was one of them and therefore they was listing to here. And, as she told us, she just met them on the train on here way to the bibleschool, but for her
it was "to go out", and it was what God had called her to do.

2: The next one in the chair to him the pastor said: "You are called to go at cafe's and just sit there at testifi to people." What the pastor didn't know, was that he, just like the other, often had told us that he spent a lot of time at cafe's when he went home from the school, so it was a normal thing for him to be at such kind of places.

3: To the third evangelist the pastor said: "You have a call to a specific group of people. A group there "only can be wond for God through art."
This evangelist had told us, that he already had painted some pictures and some times sold them just to have some money to live for. So he was already well doing with his call too. 

4: To me the pastor said: "You have a call to go to "people who others never will be together with."
This is exactly what I did as this time.
So the pastor was right about us all, and we all recognized, that it really was God, who had spoken to the pastor. He gave us more guidance about our call.

So, as many belives, is this "to go out" not only to stay at a street corner and preach the gospel.
Of cauce, this kind of preaching is importan as well for them, who is called for this.
The one kind doesn't stop you to do the other kind. The message as we got here sat us free to be 
the person, who God had called us to be. And yes, what we already was doing was correct.

Note by webmaster: Or as it's written in FGBMFI's vision:
We see a huge, global movement of men, who are telling about there experience with God to other men as them self - Men who maybe never will listen to what a preacher says, but will listen to a plummer, a dentist or a salesman because they also are a plummer, a dentist or a salesman.



Opdated 15. march 2016
A poetic vision / picture from God about how pray paves the way for revival by Jytte Nielsen



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